Love Test – Is Your Relationship With Technology Ruining Your Love Life?

Do you leap to answer your mobile phone, in any event, when you are within the sight of genuine individuals?

Do you feel nearer to characters on TV shows than with genuine individuals in your day to day existence?

Do you at any point turn on the TV as opposed to tracking down answers for issues in your reality?

Would you preferably ride the web and interface by email over meet individuals for an eye to eye talk?

It is safe to say that you are  love test growing cozy connections on web dating locales to feel less desolate?

Do you feel wanted when you hear the ding of another instant message?

Do you keep in contact with individuals by telephone and feel fulfilled by your significant distance associations?

Do you lead gatherings by telephone calls and feel that you know, as and trust your customers or partners?

Would you preferably take a course online over squander your energy on the interruptions of a study hall?

Have you failed to remember the last time imparted a dinner to somebody you care about?

Do you invest more energy with your PC than you read to kids on your lap?

Do you feel satisfied by numerous companionships on Twitter, Facebook and other online media?

Do you gladly summarize your day in 140-character tweets?

How could you score?

In the event that you addressed NO to all or a large portion of these inquiries, you are the uncommon individual who is occupied with genuine connections.

On the off chance that you addressed YES to all or the greater part of these inquiries, you may not know that innovation is a square among you and genuine connections.

If you feel content with and clung to your techno reach, you may not understand that you want a reminder to new activity.


Your tech connections can deny you of genuine closeness with a better half and genuine association with family, companions, colleagues or different friends on your way throughout everyday life.