Technical parameters of electric auxiliary heaters

Electric auxiliary heater is now more and more extensive, and below will tell you the technical parameters of electric heater.1. Temperature control: factory default setting 60 ° C ± 5 ° C, superothermal protection, customers can freely adjust the temperature according to actual needs, directly rotary scale.2, heating device: iron brach with stainless steel 304 material and melting point to 1120 ° C.3, container pressure: The highest endurance is 1.0 MPa.4, Material: electric space heaters The housing material is made of stainless steel; the liner material: \u003c100 kW is a stainless steel material, ≥100 kW is a seamless steel pipe material (the liner requires stainless steel material can also be customized).5, Wiring Connection: The corresponding current contact can be directly introduced directly from the total power control cabinet from the unit, or the control cabinet access can also be set separately.According to different power, the packet wiring is used, and the user can initiate one or more groups according to actual needs.The above is the technical parameters of electric heaters, I hope to help everyone.