The History of Christmas Lights

Not long after the development of the light bulb, the idea of ​​using Christmas tree lights came up. Before the discovery of electricity, candles were used to decorate trees at Christmas. This was a very serious concern due to the fire hazard. Today, the use of LED Christmas lights has greatly lessened this fear.
A burning house would surely be the disastrous result of putting real candles on a Christmas tree. However, as time passed, the candles were covered with glass, which made it somewhat safer. Sometimes people used metal lanterns with small wicks as decorations to light up their Christmas tree instead of using candles.
It took several years for Christmas tree lights to be available on the market. It is rumored that Edward Johnson, who was Thomas Edison’s assistant, had lights made just for his house in New York and Johnson always displayed the lights at Christmas. This was the beginning of the Christmas lights that are so familiar today. The first bulbs were like the night lights that are used today.
They were very large bulbs strung together to form a long string. Sometimes these old sets of lights can be seen in old magazines. If this type of light bulb were to hit the floor, it would break into a hundred pieces. In the mid-70s mini sets of LED Christmas Lights lights were introduced. Although there have been many changes to the lights compared to the original, they are still basically the same.
Sales have increased considerably due to more applications for the lights; They are not only used to decorate the Christmas tree, but also used to decorate the outdoors, around homes and businesses. Icicle lights are very popular. They are seen in many houses during the Christmas season. Decorating outdoors has become a contest to see who can have the most spectacular light show in the neighborhood. LED Christmas lights are very energy efficient and are a perfect alternative to standard light sets. They last a long time and when one light goes out the others keep working. Now there is no longer the problem of painstakingly going through a long string of lights and testing each one to find the wrong one. This has never been an easy task to handle, and now it is possible to enjoy the brilliant intensity of these LED lights this vacation and for many years to come.