UV Disinfection

X-Ray Center company continues to develop with its UV disinfection product, which provides disinfection and sterilization using UV rays. One of the successful solutions they have offered is the UV-X ray bag, package, luggage sterilization system devices they started to produce in 2010, and the technology to destroy germs, viruses and bacteria with UV disinfection .

Determining honesty, transparency and reliability as a principle, it has continued to successfully ensure the safety of living things in the world with every step it takes on this path. It has always acted by thinking ahead by using the innovative data of the engineering intelligence and experience of science. It has become the only and leading company among the entrepreneurs of our country on this path it has set out on, and today it has succeeded to be among the leading ones in leadership among its competitors. In our country, it continues as the only and first manufacturer company. You should visit the website now to examine XRC products, one of the most reliable brands in Turkey, in detail.